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Teaching & Education

Primary Source Reader

I have spent much of this academic year working on compiling a primary source reader for students. The portions on China, Japan, India, Central Africa, and the Middle East are completed, and I have also finished the portions on the Renaissance and Reformation. Eventually, I plan on requesting permissions for the entities that own the sources and potentially publishing this reader. Click here for more information!



World History Curriculum & Differentiation

In my first year at Rutgers Prep, I revamped the World History curriculum. Rather than approaching the subject matter chronologically, I now approach it regionally. This means that instead of covering the course content from 1500-today, my classes first study the history of China from 1500-today, then Japan, India, Central Africa, and the Middle East. The history of Europe in that time period is studied in the spring semester. Click here for more information!


In addition, I have consistently approached assessments creatively and with an eye towards accessibility. Students are always allowed to write an essay in lieu of a unit test, for example, and participation grades in my classes are not only a measure of how much a student speaks, but also how actively they listen.

"To Live in Truth: Revolution and its Contexts in Czechoslovakia 1968-1989"

As a senior at Vassar College, I wrote my history thesis on dissent in Czechoslovakia in the years between the Prague Spring and the Velvet Revolution. As part of this project, and while studying abroad in Prague in 2009, I conducted original research with Monika Macdonaugh-Pajerova, the only female member of the 1989 student organizing group. Click here to read an abridged transcription of the interview and here to read my thesis.

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